Marty was born and raised in Medford, Oregon, graduated from Medford Senior High and attended Southern Oregon University. to become (YIKES) a history teacher. During his freshman year, some of his buddies formed a little band that played instrumentals in the style of the “Ventures” and asked for Marty's help to book some gigs for them. He booked an out of town dance job for them but the venue insisted that the group have a singer so the band handed him a guitar, showed him 3 chords and told him to learn some songs. No one in Marty's family had any musical experience at all but it sounded fun so he did it... and liked it.

He soon found himself as the band's lead (and only) singer and, before long, he left his studies at SOU to become a disc jockey at the local Country radio station, while still continuing to sing and play in the band. He attended lots dances where The Maddox Brothers and Rose were playing, became friends with Rose's son, Donny, and became the leader of Rose's band, working The Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas which was the “place to be” for Country entertainment at the time. In no time at all, Marty was headlining, not only at the Golden Nugget, but also many of the other Nevada casinos as well. Then on to night clubs, fairs and rodeos across the country with his 7 piece band (3 fiddles, 2 guitar, bass, drums) - all dressed in matching outfits made by the world famous Nudie's Rodeo Tailors.

Between performances, Marty and Kate lived in Medford, Oregon on 100 acres over-run with kids and animals. The family was all heavily involved in FFA and High School Rodeo – the boys were even raising rodeo stock! Marty wanted to spend more time doing that and less time on the road so he joined the legendary Fifties group, The Diamonds, as the bass singer. Since all he had to do with them was to take his trumpet and his voice, he hoped he'd have more time at home. After several years he realized that they were on the road even more than he'd been!

His company, Bear Creek Productions, created various in-flight magazines, film documentaries and television infomercials. Marty (and Miss Hawaii USA) co-hosted Hawaii's Cookin', a thirteen-week family television series shown on national television channels as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

The kids left home eventually even taking all their livestock and Marty really missed the music business. The idea of going back to having a huge band and performing in clubs and casinos was just NOT his “thing” anymore. The obvious choice was to return to venues that reflect his values of God, family and country... in other words...return to the rodeos and fairs. So, happily, Marty is back doing what he loves best – entertaining people with great Western Music and Classic working horses with son, Bret, several months a year.



Bret was a PRCA bull rider, attended college in Fallon, Nevada and now trains world-class Quarter Horses. He married Amy in May of ’06. They currently live in Oklahoma with their children, Hoyt, Mia and Twist.

Greg was also a bull rider, graduated from Oregon State University and is currently a ranch manager..

Daughter, Kelsay and her husband, Ben, are geologists, rock climbers, and are currently writing a book on rock climbing. They own Stanton Geological and Stanton Land Solutions consulting businesses. Kelsay is also a guidance counselor and teaches Geology at the community college in Wenatchee. They live in Leavenworth, Washington.



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